Leadership Development

Our goal is to provide members with opportunities to experience leadership and practice learned skills working with other Ticktockers, Patronesses and community partners. Using these modules, members will participate in a variety of learning experiences that help foster confidence while discovering individual strengths and interests.

The Six-Year Plan

The Ticktocker program is based on a six-year plan, beginning with the seventh grade and continuing through the twelfth grade.  A Ticktocker must be the daughter of a Patroness in good standing.

Each year the grade levels will focus their meetings around age-related topics with events, etiquette and speakers as well as fun activities and cultural events.  Our Ticktocker program is designed to enrich our daughters’ lives through charity, education, culture and leadership. We try to instill responsibility in the girls through their observance of our requirements.  The girls have fun with their meetings which include cultural outings, philanthropic projects, leadership, life skills and etiquette, personal health, safety, wellness and various social activities.

Monthly Meetings

Ticktockers must attend monthly grade level meetings in September, October, November, January, February, March and April as set by their Grade Level Advisors.  Ticktockers and Patronesses together attend the May Ticktocker Service Awards, June Mother/Daughter meeting and the December Holiday Tea.  Grade level meetings are typically held on Sunday afternoons or early evenings. Advisors follow the Six-Year Ticktocker Plan when planning the year.

Generally, the year’s schedule is given out by the June meeting.  The meetings are interesting and informative, covering topics appropriate to each grade level.  Time is also spent participating in philanthropic work, cultural experiences and getting to know the members in their class.


The seventh through eleventh grade hour requirements are 30 hours (15 Philanthropy and 15 League); the twelfth grade hour requirement is 20 hours (10 Philanthropy and 10 League).  Philanthropy hours are earned by working at one of the the Chapter’s philanthropies. Opportunities are posted on the Chapter’s calendar.

League hours are earned by participating in League activities such as attending required meetings.  In addition to attending monthly meetings, Ticktockers are required to attend the Mother/Daughter Holiday Tea.

Optional cultural events: one mother/daughter event and one father/daughter activity are planned each year.